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Turmeric + Ginger Sea Moss Gel

Turmeric + Ginger Sea Moss Gel

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Wildcrafted from St. Lucia.

Our gold sea moss gel infused with ginger and turmeric is the ultimate superfood booster. Made with sustainably harvested sea moss and blended with the powerful anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger and turmeric, this gel is the perfect addition to your daily routine. The gel has a smooth and creamy texture with a slightly sweet, ocean-like flavor and a hint of spicy ginger and earthy turmeric. This combination of superfoods is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, including iodine, potassium, and calcium, making it a great way to support overall health and wellness. Whether you're looking to enhance your smoothies, juices, or favorite recipes, this sea moss gel infused with ginger and turmeric is a convenient way to add a boost of flavor and nutrition to your diet.


How much should I take?
We recommend 1-2 tablespoons a day. Check with doctor prior to consuming if you are concerned about any allergies to sea moss.


How do I store sea mosss gel?

Immediately after receiving the sea moss gel, place it in the refrigerator. Sea moss gel can easily last a solid month when stored in a tightly sealed container at the back of your refrigerator. In addition, the gel can last for three to four months, more than triple its usual shelf life when frozen.


Shipping & Handling:

We make the sea moss gels to order and ship it via UPS 2-Day shipping to guarantee freshness. 


Recipes can be found here


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