• Premium quality sea moss from St. Lucia.
  • Wild crafted, organic, clean, no bad smells and harvested from pristine island waters.
  • 1 package makes 75 ounces of organic sea moss gel. Unlike any other sea moss, this is super dry and clean to give you more yield per package.
  • Sea moss is a powerhouse for heart health, thyroid, digestion, immunity, detoxing and is an appetite suppressant that boosts your energy.
  • Packed with 90% of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Rich in potassium for clearing congestion, mucus and phlegm.
  • Alkaline, organic, vegan, keto and paleo. 

Raw Sea Moss from St. Lucia - Gold - 4oz or 8oz

SKU: Organic Sea Moss
  • How to prepare Sea Moss:

    Place a hand full of sea moss in a bowl of clean water to remove the excess sand from sea moss. Leave the sea moss soaking in the water for 12 hours. After soaking, the dried sea moss will expand in the bowl. The final step is to put the sea moss in a blender until the sea moss turns into gel. 

    You are ready!


    How long can I store sea moss? 

    You can keep the sea moss gel in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks after making it. 


    What does sea moss taste like?

    There is really no flavor to it. Sea moss is very versatile in the sense that it can be added to any recipe or smoothies with minimal taste. 


    What else can I use sea moss for?

    Sea moss containts a handful of benefits for the skin, making it somewhat of a skincare super product. Given its high minerals and vitamins properties, sea moss can also be useful to people who suffer from acne or oily skin.

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