In a market saturated with keto collagen pills, vegan collagen capsules, and collagen gummies for hair growth, what makes the best collagen supplements for women? We believe it’s the perfect balance between superior potency, efficiency, and convenience. And that’s the secret behind the Viu Nutrition hair collagen gummies.


Why Choose Gummies?

In the battle between nail hair and skin supplement gummies, pills, and tablets, gummies win with their candy-like taste and chewable texture, jam-packed with essential nutrients.


Type 1 Marine Collagen

Unlike most women gummy vitamins for hair, we chose to focus on the most efficient one, best known for assisting in preserving beautiful, toned skin, strong bones, and nails, thick, healthy hair, sturdy connective tissues, and ligaments.


Fish-based Nail Hair and Skin Supplement

Pescatarian-friendly fish collagen is absorbed 1.5 times quicker than porcine or bovine-sourced collagen gummies for skin tightening, meaning it instantly breaks down and starts to show results faster.


Safely Manufactured in the USA

For your absolute peace of mind, Viu Naturals marine collagen supplements for women are carefully bottled in FDA-registered facilities, following the industry’s golden standard: certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


60 Gummies secure a 30-day Supply

Each bottle of 60 collagen supplements for men and women is formulated to promote attempts to strengthen nails, improve/tone skin, and nourish hair from within for 30 days. Take 2 gummies per day. 


Collagen Gummy for Skin, Hair, Nails - Citrus Orange flavor

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    Viu Nutrition – Boosting Self-Confidence and Looks From Within


    In today’s fast-paced world, we often need a little push that helps against aging signs like hair loss, thin/brittle nails, dry/pale skin, and wrinkles/fine lines. The friendly Viu Nutrition gummies are based on pure, naturally-occurring marine ingredients hand-picked to top up your daily intake of fruits and veggies.