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Purple Sea Moss

Purple Sea Moss


Wildcrafted purple sea moss from St. Lucia. 

Purple sea moss gel is a superfood packed with essential nutrients. Made from sustainably harvested purple sea moss, this gel is rich in iodine, potassium, calcium, and other minerals essential for overall health. The gel has a smooth, creamy texture and a slightly sweet, ocean-like flavor. It is easy to incorporate into smoothies, juices, and other recipes, making it a convenient way to boost your daily nutrient intake. Whether you're looking to support a healthy immune system, improve digestion, or simply add more superfoods to your diet, purple sea moss gel is the perfect addition to your wellness routine.


How to make sea moss gel?
Sea moss can be easily consumed by turning it into a gel. Sea moss gel is water and sea moss blended together. Soak the sea moss in spring water for 12-48 hours. After the sea moss is soft, place it in a blender with spring water until the gel has reached a gel form. Be sure to remove any visible dirt and debris. Sea moss can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one month.


Tip: Place the sea moss in an ice tray to then add to your smoothies!

How to use sea moss gel?
Feel free to add your sea moss gel to smoothies, acai bowls, or you can eat it raw.You can also use is a skin restoration. Recipes can be found here. 


How much should I take?
We recommend 1-2 tablespoons a day. Check with doctor prior to consuming if you are concerned about any allergies to sea moss.


Click here to read more about the differences between colors. 


  • Phytosanitary certificate with orders 5Lb+. For larger orders above 100Lbs please contact us directly at
  • Delivery time is usually 4-8 days


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