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How is Sea Moss grown?

Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, is a type of seaweed that is widely cultivated in the Caribbean. Viu Nutrition's sea moss is sourced from St. Lucia. Sea moss is prized for its high nutritional content, making it a staple ingredient in many traditional Caribbean dishes, as well as a popular ingredient in health supplements and skincare products. But how is sea moss grown in the Caribbean, and what makes it such a valuable resource?

The growing process of wildcrafted sea moss in the Caribbean starts with the collection of wildcrafted sea moss from the ocean. The sea moss is then cleaned and sorted to remove any

debris, such as sand or shells. Next, the seaweed is sometimes placed in shallow tanks or trays filled with seawater, where it is allowed to soak for several days. Most of the times the sea moss is harvested, cleaned, and goes directly to the drying process. The sea moss is then exposed to sunlight and air, which dries the algae.

Guide for different processes for drying gold, green, and purple:

  • Gold: This is the most popular color of sea moss. The difference between the gold and purple/green is because gold is dried 100% in the sun. The sun has a "bleaching" effect on the sea moss which turns it the yellow-ish color. Due to the weather in St. Lucia, the production process is dependent on the weather conditions.

  • Purple: Purple sea moss is dried in the shade, which has a reverse "bleaching" effect.

  • Green: Green sea moss, alike purple, is dried in the shade. The green is usually a shade of green when harvested.

*Continue reading here about the different colors of sea moss.

The growing process of sea moss can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on the conditions. During this time, the seaweed will continue to absorb the nutrients from the seawater. Once the seaweed has reached optimal conditions, it is harvested and processed further to remove any remaining debris and brine.

What makes the Caribbean an ideal location for growing sea moss is the combination of warm, sunny weather, nutrient-rich seawater, and a long coastline that provides plenty of space for cultivating sea moss. This allows farmers and cultivators to produce large quantities of high-quality sea moss, which can then be used for a variety of purposes, from cooking to skincare.

In conclusion, sea moss is a valuable and versatile seaweed that is widely cultivated in the Caribbean. By utilizing the region’s favorable growing conditions and rich natural resources, farmers and cultivators are able to produce high-quality sea moss that is used in a variety of products, both domestically and abroad.

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