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Since the beginning of Viu Nutrition, we've been searching for an opportunity to make a difference in the world by providing health supplements and alternative treatments to people around the world. After uncovering the formulas we produce today, Viu Nutrition was born.


Viu Nutrition is an ethical brand with a simple goal: improve the overall health and well-being of people around the world. 


Our facilities undergo routine inspections and each batch of supplements is tested for purity before being shipped to your door. 


We believe in the power of great health, and we recognize that starts with what we consume. 


A portion of all proceeds is donated to Ocean  Conservancy, an organization that is working with you to protect the ocean from today's greatest global challenges. 


QUALITY YOU CAn Believe in

As a health-oriented organization, we understand that our well-being is our biggest asset. Therefore, we take every step possible to ensure the purity and quality of each hand-picked ingredient we use. 

Our ingredients are only processed and delivered to the consumer after undergoing scrutinous testing to ensure their purity and potency.

Our processes strictly adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices required by the Dietary Supplement and Food Manufacturing Board. GMP certification is a third-party certification program that includes inspection of manufacturing facilities to determine whether specific food safety and quality performance indicators are being met. These indicators usually involve an assessment of the cleanliness of equipment and facility, its maintenance, document traceability, and specifications of personnel training. The GMP certification is a commitment to quality and consistently achieving full customer satisfaction.

With each dose, your body assimilates the pure, natural and essential nutrients that help support your health and maintain healthy internal systems and processes, making you feel energized and refreshed. 

Our manufacturing partners have been consistently producing world-class quality products and are located right here in the United States.