Our focus is to supply premium quality sea moss products to help your business.
Transparency, Quality and Reliability. It matters to us.

When you purchase our products, you become a partner of ours. In addition to purchasing, you will have access to our Rewards program to earn points towards additional purchases. 


We've seen other sea moss suppliers compromising quality and taking shortcuts sea moss not grown in the Caribbean or being grown in artificial pools. This can lead to an inferior quality of sea moss and worse – you may not completely know what you are putting into your body.

The good news? We are doing something about it. Our sea moss is harvested in farms off the coast of St. Lucia. Cleaned, and sun dried before shipment to the US. Throughout the process, we receive videos and images for quality assurance. 

We don’t take shortcuts or save a few dollars by using artificial pools or sea moss grown in Thailand or Indonesia. We are peeling back the curtain on our processes and sharing more details about harvesting process. 

For more information on our products please send us an email at info@viunutrition.com.