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We’re more than nutrition, we’re change.

We believe in the power of health & wellbeing and recognize that this starts with what we put into our bodies. We've made it our mission to provide supplements made entirely from ethically-sourced ingredients.

Viu Nutrition is an ethical brand with a simple goal: improve the overall health and well-being of people around the world. Each ingredient is sourced from trusted suppliers with ethical  manufacturing procedures and impeccable reputations. Our facilities undergo routine inspections and each batch of supplements is tested for purity before being shipped to your door.

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Collagen Gummies

Nourishes hair, improves skin elasticity and tone, strengthens nails, and improves joint mobility


What People Say


3/16/ 2021

Very helpful with detoxing.


3/16/ 2021

As a fitness instructor, I am very conscious about the products that I put in my body. Within two weeks, I instantly felt more energized and less bloated. I’m looking forward to trying more items from this brand.


11/ 20/ 2020

I purchased this recently and already started feeling more energized. It also seemed to help my knee pain after lifting.


11/ 22/ 2020

Wow I was looking for a trust Irish Moss supplement for a long time. This package is the most effective and has the most value I find. I have a bit more energy and feel stronger over all in general.


11/ 20 / 2020

I've replaced my multivitamin with the organic sea moss for about a week, and I already have noticed an increase in energy throughout the day and afternoon with no crash. I feel so much healthier in general! Quality is important to me so this was great since it is organic, non-gmo, and made in America.


03/ 02/ 2021

I grew up eating sea vegetables that contained many nutrients that can't be found in land vegetables, but it's not sold where I live now. The Sea Moss Advance is exactly what I need and it's a small pill making it easy to swallow.


02/ 23/ 2021

I wish I would have known about Sea Moss Advance years ago. Most definitely helping. I notice my sugar cravings are slowly going away. Helps me with severe inflammation pain, joint pain, chronic pain. I even suggested to my mom to try it, she recently had surgery. If you haven't tried please do.


02 / 10 / 2021

This is an amazing supplement. Health is wealth, and if you care about any of that, this is what you need. I take this every morning and I feel amazing. If this is not convincing enough do a quick google search "what is bladderwrack good for?" "what is burdock good for" and "what is seamoss / irish mosh good for?" This is literal gold and I love it.


03/ 25 / 2021

I started taking this at the recommendation of a friend. She had said that this helped immensely during her keto diet. The most remarkable result I've had is that my hair and my nails have grown so well!


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